Queen Beez Buzz: "Rapid" Roadside Rescue


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Rapid" Roadside Rescue

These guys are the WORST EVER!

We waited for 2 HOURS to have them come and unlock our car.  They told AT&T it would be 60 minutes but they told my husband it was going to be 30 minutes.  They told AT&T they were stuck in traffic at 9pm in a residential area but they told my husband they stopped to help someone else.  They told AT&T my husband gave them the wrong address but they told my husband they were down the street.  They told AT&T they were pulling into the parking lot & they were nowhere to be seen.  Meanwhile my husband is waiting at a gas station at 9pm with his keys locked in his car and the engine RUNNING.  When they finally arrived it was in an unmarked regular truck and no uniform.  Really no way to identify who they were.  

STAY AWAY! Ask your roadside who they are sending and if it is Rapid Roadside Rescue ask for someone else.

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