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Friday, October 17, 2014

Dr. Pepper 10

Dr. Pepper 10 boasts 10 calories per can with the same great taste of Dr. Pepper and I gave it the test.

So for those of you who do not know me personally I will tell you.  I was Dr. Pepper's #1 fan for many many years until my diet could no longer take the calories of the 5-6 cans a day I was drinking so I switched to Diet Dr. Pepper.  Diet DP is a train wreck!  The commercials claim it tastes exactly like regular DP but that is completely untrue.  Well after the miserable disappointment of trying to switch to Diet DP I decided to try other soft drinks and finally settled on my new "one and only" Diet Sunkist.  I prefer Diet Sunkist for a few reasons.  No 1 I really like the taste.  No 2 You really can't tell it is diet.  No 3 It has much less caffeine.  I have been on the Diet Sunkist train for 5 years now and LOVE it.  Occasionally when Edward and I go out to dinner I will get a Dr. Pepper, just because I still love the DP and they NEVER carry my Diet Sunkist.

Well,  recently I came across the Dr. Pepper 10 while shopping at Target and was offered a sample.  The very nice lady gave me an ice cold can of Dr. Pepper 10.  BTW can is my preferred method of drinking so I was cool with this.  Anyway, I open the can and take a nice drink of the soda hoping it will be great because I really miss my regular Dr. Peppers. To say the least I was miserably disappointed in this soda, maybe even more so than the Diet Dr. Pepper because not only did I taste the artificail sweetener but they tried to cover the taste with a spoon of sugar so you get both conflicting flavors and it is a 5 track train wreck to say the very least.

In my opinion you might as well drink your regular Dr. Peppers in moderation or try to choke down the Diet Dr. Pepper (zero calories) because at least then you have the same taste as the Dr. Pepper 10 but with out the 10 extra calories added to your daily count.

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