Queen Beez Buzz: Rocksbox Review


Friday, October 17, 2014

Rocksbox Review


Rocksbox looks like a fun way to try new jewelry HOWEVER. After receiving a promo for a free month trial ($19 value) I signed up for my free month after being told my credit card would not be charged for 1 month.  A week after I signed up my credit card was charged $25.01.  But wait I hadn't even received my first box yet.  I tried to do the chat option on the website yet no one is ever available so I thought I would call the number on the website and again no one is ever there.  It rings one time and goes straight to a voice mail.  2 days after sending a message I finally received an email apologizing for the charge and assuring me that the charge would only last 5 minutes even though it has been 2 days without a refund.  I wouldn't mind paying for this service if I knew I was going to be charged but given how hard it is to reach customer service I am reluctant to sign up with them.

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