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Monday, October 20, 2014

RocksBox Review

Well after the craziness with my billing and RocksBox it did finally arrive and here is what I received.

Charlene K Hammered Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
When I opened these earrings my very first impression was how cheap they looked and I didn't even realize they were sterling until I looked at the enclosed card.
Retail Price $60
RocksBox Price $48
I would never pay more that $15-$20 for these earrings and the only reason I would pay that much is just because they are sterling even though they are NOT stamped.

Jules Smith Micro Disc Necklace in Gold Color
When I opened this necklace my first impression was that it was pretty and had a nice weight to it but it is fashion jewelry and NOT real gold or even gold plated therefore the price tag is not justified.
Retail $45
RocksBox $36

House of Harlow 1960 Illuminating Rectangle Cuff in White
While this is a pretty bracelet it is also fashion jewelry and therefor not worth the hefty price tag.  It is also very small.
Retail $86
Rocksbox $70

My opinion is that a Rocksbox membership is a total waste of money as is any money that you spend renting ANYTHING because I would never pay this kind of price tag for fashion jewelry.  All of these are being returned and the membership canceled.

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