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Monday, November 3, 2014


As a mommy I know we could all use a little more sleep and sometimes that means sleeping during the day when baby is napping.  That can be difficult sometimes when the sun is beaming through the windows.  I have 10 of these AMAZING masks that I will be giving away to some wonderful ladies.

Best Black Sleep Eye Mask & Ear Plugs Aid You to Master Yoga Pillow Sleeping Like a Baby.


 Do you want to sleep better? Get the best sleep mask on the market and be well rested! You may have bought a sleep mask in the past, only to find that it was poor quality, didn't fit, let in light, was uncomfortable, ruined makeup and worst of all, broke after a few uses. Not so with this mask! Want the best? Get the benefits of this mask now.
 - It actually blocks all light - It is soft and feather light - It is comfortable and lets you sleep really well - Our buyers love it and so will you - It is perfect for children, women and men, and easily adjusts to all head sizes - Has a fast and convenient Velcro fastener - The sturdy wide strap is comfortable, well attached and holds the mask exactly where you want it, even when you toss and turn - The strap has 2 snazzy holders for your ear plugs, so they never get lost or misplaced The sturdy construction using soft and light weight materials makes the mask super light weight, very flexible and allows it to breathe really well. This makes it comfortable all night, cool around the eyes and safe for makeup. It easily fits into your bag, is easily washable, and comes with clear instructions on how to best use both mask and ear plugs for best results and sleep uninterrupted by light or noise. Satisfaction Guaranteed 
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