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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

12 Best Drugstore Mascaras for 2015

12 Best Drugstore Mascaras for 2015

Stubborn, hard to reach and too short! No, we're not describing that guy who never called you back. Unfortunately, we're talking about our eyelashes. To get bat-worthy lashes, we turn to the most essential of all makeup: mascara. But not all mascaras are created equal, and that's where this list of best mascaras comes in. A good mascara can lengthen, volumize and curl your lashes, and is flake- and smudge-proof.

The best part about mascara is that with this beauty product, price doesn't dictate quality. In fact, to prove our point, we scoured through thousands of reviews to find drugstore mascaras that readers believe are comparable if not better than the leading high-end brands'. So say goodbye to mascara flakes and smudges, and hello to gorgeous, long lashes. 

$10.99 TotalBeauty.com Average
Member Rating: 8.5*

Why it's great: A reader says, "The primer and color are the perfect combo for long and voluminous lashes. My mascara stayed perfect all day and didn't clump the way most do. [This mascara is] better than any more expensive brand I've tried." Another reader is a loyal product user, stating, "This mascara beats them all. The primer really lengthens and the mascara itself glides on without clumping. You could not ask for an easier, better-looking mascara." Another reviewer agrees: "This is by far the best mascara I have ever used!"

$6.99 TotalBeauty.com Average Member Rating: 8.5*

Why it's great: A mascara that comes in a fun animal print tube and delivers results on the cheap? Consider our readers fans. Like many mascaras, this one claims to give you that falsies look -- and according to one user, "this mascara really does." A self-proclaimed "mascara junkie" confesses that she bought this by mistake, but proclaims, "It is the best mascara I have ever used! It gives me long, full lashes and doesn't make my lashes clump together like so many do." The same user says that with three or four coats, she gets "va-va-va-voom lashes!" Another reviewer applauds the curved brush because it "really gets to the lashes in the corner." She says that with two to three coats her lashes "go from zero to 60!" 

$8 TotalBeauty.com Average Member Rating: 8.5*

Why it's great: A reader says this mascara "coats, defines, gives you nice color,and doesn't smear or flake." This "waterproof AND washable" formula will "weather the weepiest of movies," but remains "easy to remove with soap and water." Readers like it for an "everyday look" because it's "very light." One reader says, "It does not feel like I am even wearing mascara." Many readers recommended waiting until it goes on sale to score this cheapie-but-goodie for two to three bucks.

$7.99 TotalBeauty.com Average Member Rating: 8.5*

Why it's great: "I get soft, long lashes every day and don't have to worry about reapplying after my workout because the waterproof version works so fabulously," one reader raves. Another devoted consumer says, "This has been my favorite mascara for 10 years. I've tried others, but I always find myself coming back to Full 'N Soft. The brush is superior when it comes to lash separation and volume-building, and the formula doesn't clump, flake or smudge." Another plus: "It holds a curl from an eyelash curler like no other mascara, leaving your eyes looking wide open," one reader says. To sum it up, this mascara "makes your lashes full, while remaining soft," just like the name implies..

$6.49 TotalBeauty.com Average Member Rating: 8.5*

Why it's great: TotalBeauty.com readers love this formula, and there is one reason that is continually echoed in their reviews: it stops lash breakage. "I never realized how much my lashes were breaking until I stopped using other mascaras and switched to this" says one user. Another describes how it "really does increase the fullness of lashes," adding that she was "surprised to see a definite difference in only a couple of weeks!" Another upside? Reviewers found that it allowed for more control and less mistakes. The unique brush and formula "grabs at all your eyelashes. There's no clumping due to the dry formula, and your lashes turn out very voluminously black."

$7.77 TotalBeauty.com Average Member Rating: 8.6*

Why it's great: One reader says this product "opens [her] eyes" so much she can sometimes "ditch the curler." Another reader has been a loyal product user for five years, stating, "I love this product. It is possibly the best mascara I have ever used." Another agrees, saying, "I have tried loads of different kinds of mascaras over the years and I keep going back to this one! This is the best I have ever used!" Readers testify to the "wow" factor of this mascara, with one stating she was "completely shocked" because it made her eyes so "dramatic." She admits, "My friends are always asking me what type of mascara I use to make my eyes pop out so perfectly." 

$9.95 TotalBeauty.com Average Member Rating: 8.6*

Why it's great: TotalBeauty.com members bought this mascara because of its natural ingredients (47 percent of which are organic) and its eco-friendly packaging, but kept it because it's a "great mascara" that reportedly makes lashes "much more prominent" and "gigantic and gorgeous" without crumbling. One reader revealed that she normally has an allergic skin reaction to mascaras, making buying mascara a "tricky business." After trying this product, she says, "This mascara doesn't give me an allergic skin reaction or irritate my eyes. I can put it on generously and be comfortable all day!" Another admits that though she was skeptical of a "natural" mascara at first, when she tried it, "my lashes were bigger than when I use Benefit BADgal and CoverGirl Lash Blast combined!" Another reader gushes, "I have never been this obsessed with a mascara from the first use. My lashes are suddenly gigantic and gorgeous, it's like my eyes just appeared. I swear it doesn't even feel like I am wearing mascara." 

$8.99 TotalBeauty.com Average Member Rating: 8.6*

Why it's great: If you're looking for length, this is the mascara reviewers recommend. After applying a coat or two, readers said their lashes looked "great and flirty," "superlong, but still natural-looking," and "thicker, darker and longer." More than one reader has found that this mascara "looks like false lashes," even eliciting "Are those your real lashes?" comments from others -- the ultimate in eyelash compliments. Says one user: "I usually have to use three different mascaras to get the effect that I want, but this one does the job!" 

$7.99 TotalBeauty.com Average Member Rating: 8.6*

Why it's great: "When they say no clump, they mean it. If you love dark dramatic lashes, this is for you," one reader raves. Another devoted consumer says, "This mascara is perfect! It makes your lashes so long and it doesn't make them stick together or look too thick." Another plus is the unique wand shape, which a reader calls the "magic touch" for application. To sum it up: "I use this every day and would recommend no other. Two thumbs up!"
$7.99 TotalBeauty.com Average Member Rating: 8.7*

Why it's great: TotalBeauty.com readers love this waterproof formula for one reason: the teeny-tiny brush. "The unusual, ultra-thin brush allows you to reach, color, and hold the curl of every single lash, whether it's on the bottom or top," says one user. Another describes how it "magically grabs every lash and adds just the right amount of mascara to brighten [her] eyes," adding that there is "no clumping, superstiff or spidery lashes." Another upside to a tiny brush? Reviewers found that it allowed for more control, and less mistakes, "coating every lash." The waterproof element means "no smudging" and long-lasting length, "even through 90 minutes of hot yoga after a long day at the office." This "tiny brush with enormous results" delivers a long-wear product that is lengthening, though readers warn that you'll need to layer on another product if you're looking to build volume.

$9.49 TotalBeauty.com Average Member Rating: 8.8*

Why it's great: Users describe this mascara as a "Revlon home run," giving it an all-caps "AMAZING" shoutout. They love how this mascara doesn't get clumpy as you apply more coats -- even up to "five or six passes," according to one self-professed "mascara addict." Readers attribute the buildable attribute of this mascara to the "exceptional" brush, which has "enough bristles to color and highlight each and every lash." The true test of a drugstore mascara, as any product junkie can tell you, is the crunch factor. If a mascara leaves your lashes brittle and unhealthy, it doesn't matter how much volume it provides temporarily. Revlon pulls through, with a reader testifying that her "lashes remain pliable -- not crunchy." The ultimate compliment for a drugstore mascara? Identifying its high-end counterpart: "The formula is a bit wet, so it glides on quickly and doesn't clump. It's almost like Shiseido Perfect Full Definition," says one reader. At less than one-third the cost, Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara is a bargain buy that delivers first-rate results. 

$10 TotalBeauty.com Average Member Rating: 9.2*

Why it's great: The top-rated mascara was described by a reader as "a win-win across the board! No more fighting to get every little lash, no more clumps, no more struggling." This mascara has given users lashes that are "extremely long with just one coat." A reader claims it is "the best product ever," adding, "I only need one coat for day and two for night.

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