Queen Beez Buzz: Easy way to de-pill your sweaters


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easy way to de-pill your sweaters

As the cold-weather season comes to an end, it’s about time to fold up your sweaters. (Hanging sweaters damages the shape) If you’re sweaters accrued some of those ugly looking “pills” this winter, there’s an easy way to fix it:

All you need is a cheap, single-blade, disposable razor (this $4 pack will do just fine).

Lightly run the razor along the fabric, as gently as you would your silky smooth legs (or face), and those pills will slide right off. Use a lint roller or a piece of tape to pick up the pills.

Easy enough, right? Sort of. There’s a step that a lot of people forget about with this trick: You MUST use a one-blade razor. Multi-blade razors can curl your clothes up because the blade will shave in a tiered pattern.

Pro Tip: Single-blade razors work best for very small pills. If you have some larger pills, use a razor blade like this one so that the pills don’t get caught in the seam of your shaver.

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