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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

MUSICBOX -Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

MUSICBOX -Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker $32.95

Product Description

The MusicBox connects effortlessly to any Bluetooth enabled device up to 33 feet away from the MusicBox. Please note that Bluetooth works best when there are little no solid obstructions between your device and the MusicBox Why Bluetooth 3.0?

Bluetooth 3.0 makes pairing with any Bluetooth device easy. It is easy for your device to discover the Musicbox and easy to pair with.Version 3.0 does not require a PIN or code.Just select pair and listen to the MusicBox confirm that your device is connected.

With simple controls you don't need a PHD or need to read a super big manual. It is easy to operate once you pair your device to the MusicBox Richer Fuller Sound

The Bass enhanced technology allows you to listen to a fuller more complete sound for your music. Ideal if you are travelling, when you want to watch a movie on your laptop or even just listen to music that is on your phone.This speaker solves the problem of the sound not being full or loud enough. It does the job of providing a louder sound for your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Please not that there is no Bass or treble control with the MusicBox and therefore only enhances the Bass that is already present from the music that is being Streamed 

Hands Free Calls
The built in microphone the MusicBox allows you to take incoming calls from your phone handfree should you want too. You can of course also make handsfree calls too.For such a small package, the MusicBox packs a powerful punch that will delight you while you are on the move. Whether you are at the park, hotelor just away from your hi-fi.

My Review 

Great little speaker with a great big sound. It connects in about 30 seconds and the sound is clear as a bell.  The range seems to be about 45 feet when using the radio but if you are going to use it as a speaker phone you obviously need to be closer.  It has a long battery life and charges from dead to full in about 4 hours.  The only thing wrong with it is that it isn't pink.  

This great little speaker was sent to me complimentary for my honest opinion. 



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