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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Born Wild Amber Teething Necklace Review

My precious angel has had the worst teething this go around so I decided to seek out an Amber Teething necklace at my mother in law's suggestion.  I came across the Born Wild Teething necklace and I knew it was the one for us.  But I was worried about putting something around my baby's neck so I emailed Born Wild to inquire about using it as a bracelet or anklet and they responded within minutes assuring me that it would be just as effective.  It has a twist closer to prevent Lilly from scratching herself and is just long enough to be wrapped around her ankle twice.

It arrived in 2 days via Amazon Prime and believe me I was watching for it.  I ripped open the envelope to find a super cute tiny burlap gift bag/storage bag.  I opened the bag and I put the necklace around Lilly's ankle.  She looked at it and touched it for about 3 seconds and then went about her baby way doing baby things without giving the anklet a second thought.  This morning when she woke up after wearing the necklace for 12 hours she was her normal, happy, smiling, princess and not the crying teething monster she was when she went to bed.  Needless to say if the baby is happy this mommy is happy and I will be ordering a 2nd as a backup just in case.

I received this item as a gift from the manufacturer for my honest opinion.

We are Born Wild 
Very Wild. We cry. We fuss. We kick. We scream. So Parents bounce. Parents rock. Parents hug. Parents soothe. Parents do everything they can to comfort. Sometimes it's not enough. So we buy stuff. Like pacifiers. Like Teething Rings. Like Gum Massagers. We live by Trial and Error. Some Work. Some Don't.

We are Real
Will a Baltic Amber Necklace work for you girl or boy? It works for most. But tough to say. We live honestly. This is 100% Baltic Amber straight from Lithuania. The good stuff. If an amber necklace is going to work for your baby, this is it. Moms say it relieves pain, calms, helps with colic etc. We'll let you decide.

We Guarantee Happiness 
Trial and Error. This may work. This may not. We won't hold it against you. We won't make you keep it the rest of your life. Drop us a note. Send it back. We will take care of you. We'll clean it, and donate it along to someone less fortunate. Every child deserves relief... or at least a shot at it.

We are Safe
Kids grab stuff. We know this. So we safety knot these. There is an easy twist-screw clasp. Easy to put on. Easy to take off. Feel uneasy? Double wrap it for an anklet or bracelet.

We Thank You
You've got options. Lots of Amber Teething Necklaces out there. At the end of the day, it's just amber on a string. Our Amber Beads won't work any better than anyone else who has 100% Authentic and Certified amber. But other companies would never tell you this. They make claims. We're not fans of claims. We hope you don't either. So we thank you for stopping by.


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