Queen Beez Buzz: Large Shower Mesh Pouf Sponge Review


Monday, April 27, 2015

Large Shower Mesh Pouf Sponge Review

Large Shower Mesh Pouf Sponge

http://amzn.to/1z6ZBAqWhat a luxurious mesh pouf!  It is about 5 inches in diameter and has an adorable 4.5 inch long ribbon to hang it by.  If this very affordable 3 package you get enough to keep one and give 2 away to very good friends :).  When I was offered a sample at a reduced price I thought "awesome I need a new one" and now I think "omg why have I ever bought anything other than this one by Ecoluxuries?"  I absolutely adore this pouf.

Product Description
  • These luxurious sponges naturally increase localized blood flow by stimulating the capillaries, the tiny blood vessels closest to your skin, which naturally expand when stimulated
  • Doubles the efficiency of any soap or gel for super smooth skin
  • Uniquely luxurious heavyweight 40 gram body sponges - the best you can find
  • Filled and hygienically sealed in a local, lean, clean US production facility
  • When you buy - no questions asked, full satisfaction money back guarantee

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