Queen Beez Buzz: Skin Brushing Instructions


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Skin Brushing Instructions


The instructional guide is sent to each purchaser or can be downloaded from the website.  To remember:
1) brush on absolutely dry skin
2) always brush TOWARDS the heart
3) brush with firm enough strokes to be effective but it should NEVER hurt.  Beginners may start lighter and then work their way into firmer strokes.
4) brush about 5 medium length strokes in each area, starting at the feet and working up the shoulders. Give a little extra attention to thicker areas (heels, elbows) and lymph-node rich areas (armpits, inner thighs)
5) do not brush the face or upper neck (it needs a more delicate brush and strokes). Once you get the hang of it, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes, perfect BEFORE the morning shower.
6) don’t share the brush with others and don’t brush over open cuts


Beautifully Poor said...

Thank you for these instructions. I have never used one but have heard that the benefits are amazing. I can't wait to get mine! Thanks for being an awesome Queen :)

QueenBeezBuzz said...

My pleasure, Rachel Fuller. I am glad you enjoy being a member of Queen Beez Honey's.