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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The journey to the perfect vanity...

I ordered the Micke Desk from Ikea for $69.99 and while that process was a COMPLETE nightmare I am thrilled with my vanity so far.

The desk arrived from Ikea in a very flat heavy box.  If you have ever purchased anything from Ikea you know to be prepared to assemble every inch of your purchase.  
I tore into the box like a kid on Christmas and began so spread out the parts so I could better understand the task ahead of me and to my horror I discovered the hardware all tossed together in a bag!  No separation or organization at all.  How would I ever understand what goes where? 

I opened the instruction book and began the process of putting the drawers together.  As I flew through the drawer assembly, first one drawer than the second, I thought to myself "I can do this!"

When it came to the main structure of the desk it assembles with wood pegs which you might want to add a drop of wood glue or you could end up frustrated while adding the legs.  When you assemble the main section remember that this desk can be assembled 1 of 2 ways so be careful or you could end up doing it incorrectly and having to take it apart and putting it back together.

 After 2 hours on the floor and digging through a bag of parts I was finally finished.  I stood back and glowed with pride at what I had built.  But I still wasn't finished because being the Queen Bee I can't have a vanity that looks like everyone's so I added a bit of sparkle just to make is special.

The sparkle was achived by purchasing florist ribbon from Amazon and cutting it to the size of the drawer fronts and gluing 2 inches at a time using E6000 glue.  You will want to let these dry overnight to assure that they stay in place.  This glue is water and heat resistant.

I hope you enjoyed this little journey and stay tuned for how to achieve the look with my organizers.

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