Queen Beez Buzz: Lilly Bear's 1st Birthday Party!


Monday, May 18, 2015

Lilly Bear's 1st Birthday Party!

So when your youngest turns 1 you feel a rush of excitement and a flood of sadness all at the same time.  Even the toughest of mom's tear up in the face of the last 1st birthday.  Here on the island of joy and sadness is currently where I find myself.  Its true my youngest, Lilly Bear, will turn 1 next month and so begins the the end of babyhood and start of toddlerhood.  I honestly felt like I had at the very least a few more months of her being the baby but she has clearly decided that she is her own little person with her own likes and dislikes.  For example.... I have been planning to have a Bee Day birthday party for her since I found out I was pregnant and Miss Lilly has other plans.  She has decided that she ADORES Hello Kitty and therefore MUST have a Hello Kitty Birthday party.  So much for the 1st birthday being for the adults...

So to my Sweetest Angel, 

Happy 1st Birthday Lilly Bear.  I have watched you grow from the gummy bear kicking me to a lovely little lady and I hope this is the 1st year of many many more extraordinary years to come.

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