Queen Beez Buzz: Snug Plug n Play Kids Headphones


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Snug Plug n Play Kids Headphones

The Snug Plug n Play headphones are perfect for you Summer vacations.  You can just plug them into your laptop on the airplane and your little one watching Doc McStuffins for 3 hours will not bother the people sitting next to you and your kiddo will be occupied and happy.  These headphones were designed specially with kids in mind - these plug into anything!  However it does not seem as through there is not a regulator to keep the volume down.  That is the only thing these headphones do not do that I wish they did :(.  Other than that they are compatible with Android, PSP, LeapPad, Nintendo DS and all other electronic devices with a standard headphone jack.  Save your head ache and plug these into those noisy devices.  They have a thick, single-side cable that's prepared for heavy use and minimizes tangling tough, durable plastic construction - designed with kids in mind!  These are not recommended for children under 3 and NEVER leave your kids unsupervised.

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