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Friday, May 8, 2015

Why I finally left my abuser...


I was in a very long term relationship that I had to leave because I could no longer take the abuse and when that relationship was over I was rarely apart of the community that relationship came with.  My abuser was PAYPAL.  I had taken the abuse from Paypal for years, the constant fees, payment holding for weeks, and payment reversal's.  I just couldn't take it anymore so I went in search of a new partner and believe it or not after a 10 year relationship there finally someone new in my life.  His name is Google WalletGoogle Wallet really loves me and protects me with NO FEES EVER!  I can send and receive as much money as I want and I am completely protected without Google Wallet ever asking me for a penny.  I have a debit card that took 30 seconds to verify and order the 1st day I signed up.  You don't have to link your bank unless you want to.  I have an app on my phone that I can do anything with and they are always there by phone without going through 7 automated systems.  I am in love!
The places I used to go with Paypal like eBay are doing everything they can to force me to go back to PayPal by refusing to allow Google Wallet but I won't be forced.  I have left the auctions and crazy sellers for the fun and great deals of Amazon.  Amazon takes any payment I want to use and offers the same great prices.  So I say GOOD BYE Paypal and eBay I will not miss you!

To sign up for your Google Wallet card by just using your email visit Google Wallet.

The Queen Bee

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