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Monday, June 15, 2015

Everlast VP

Everlast VP is blended to promote lean muscle growth and recovery using the highest grade yellow pea, rice and hemp proteins available. 
Many individuals have considered switching to or augmenting their diet with plant protein. After all, it is easier to digest and avoids any concerns associated with animal proteins like whey. The problem, plant-based proteins have been considered to provide a less effective amino acid profile. Also their taste is typically harder to take than a high altitude workout.
Finally, a vegan protein that rivals the muscle building effects of whey.
Finally, a vegan protein that is quickly digested and delivered to muscles reducing the catabolic effect of training.
Finally, a vegan protein that is easy to mix and easy to drink with a mild vanilla flavor.
  • 22 grams of muscle building protein
    Only 110 calories per serving
    High levels of BCAA and Glutamine.
    High bioavailability
    Natural stevia sweetened
    Gluten free
    Cholesterol free
    Soy free
    Low carb and low fat
    Hormone free
    GMO free
Fitness-oriented adults who are nutrition aware and understand the benefit of introducing protein to their diet or are looking for an alternative to animal based proteins.

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