Queen Beez Buzz: Grill Brush by EliteChef Products


Monday, June 8, 2015

Grill Brush by EliteChef Products

The Grill Brush by EliteChef Products is heavy duty and long lasting thanks to the tough, all metal construction, stainless steel bristles, this brush will easily cut though any mess on your Weber grate, season after season.  It has a 17 inch long handle that keeps your hand away from the fire and heat and 7-inch wide brush whisk away built-up grime quickly and effortlessly.  It has sturdy stainless steel handle will not brake like wood or plastic handle grill brushes; PLUS stainless steel bristles, longer lasting than brass bristles grill brushes.  You never miss a spot with the unique T-brush design allows you to get in all nooks and crannies! Leave no dirt unturned!


1 comment :

Mary Kirkland said...

I got one of those too! I love it. it works great.