Queen Beez Buzz: Imagination Set by by Wedgits


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Imagination Set by by Wedgits

 Imagination Set by by Wedgits
I am completely won over by the Imagination Set by Widgits!  They do so many great things for your child's development while keeping them entertained.  They develop problem solving skills, hand eye coordination, cause and effect thinking, and fine motor skills.  

They come is many different size sets
  • 15 piece set 2+
  • 25 piece set 3+
  • 35 piece set 3+
  • 50 piece set 3+
Each set comes with an idea book that contains instructions on how to achieve the more complicated builds.  Even though the age group starts young my 13 year old daughter thinks these are a lot of fun and will sit and play with them for hours.  It is a wonderful break from her cell phone and I love watching her play.

This lovely product was provided by the manufacturer to facilitate this honest product review and video.

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