Queen Beez Buzz: OSIS+ Glamour Queen Hairspray


Monday, June 15, 2015

OSIS+ Glamour Queen Hairspray

I love anything that gives my hair volume. I’m not a huge fan of hairsprays because they seem to be sticky and leave my hair stiff. So I don't use hairsprays unless I need a strong hold for an updo. I recently got the opportunity to try a new hairspray called OSIS+ Glamour Queen Volumizing Hairspray by Schwarzkopf Professional. OSIS+ Glamour Queen Hairspray is perfect for all hair types. This H20-free and fast drying formula guarantees feather light styling. It doesn’t make hair stiff and sticky like other hairsprays. This product leaves your hair looking clean and natural with bounce. You hair will be flexible even when applied heavily. The innovative trigger spray allows for precise targeting directly onto the roots so it creates extra volume and texture. It sprays like a mist and not directly onto on spot. This medium control hairspray is easy to brush so it can be used as you work your style and then when fixing it for the finishing touch. I also love how it leaves my hair shiny. I like that I can use this hairspray to help lift my hair and give it volume but I can still run my fingers through my hair all day. This is definitely the hairspray that I will be using from now on. It’s prefect for traveling too. It does not have a top but it does have a sturdy plastic piece under the trigger that can be turned so it does not spray. I love the innovative trigger spray. You are guaranteed to achieve voluminous hairstyles with OSIS+ Glamour Queen Hairspray. This lightweight hairspray increases volume and body without weighing it down or leaving product build-up.

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