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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Something for mom's...But not at Ulta...

Too often Mom's needs get put aside either by themselves or just by life in general.  We are always trying to make sure everyone else' needs are met before our own.  Kids need new shoes, kids need new clothes, and so on.  We always put our needs at the bottom of the to do list because "we can wait".  Ever so often mom decides that one of her needs must be met and sets aside an hour or two to get it taken care of.  Whether that is getting her nails done, buying some new clothes or getting those few grey hairs covered.  It may not seem like much but to a busy mom that little "mom time" means the entire world.  But when that tiny little thing she does for herself goes wrong and that 2 hour window for getting her hair touched up turns into a 3 multiple hour trips to the salon to get it corrected it turns something that is supposed to be fun and relaxing into a frustrating headache that throws her entire week off.  And when she is made to pay nearly $100, even though that salon agrees that her service was a wreck, it just makes things even worse.

Once about every six months I go to have my hair touched up and a few grey hairs covered and this never turns our for me.  Today I went to the Salon at Ulta to do something for myself and walked out with worse hair than when I went in and nearly $100 broker.  When I went in my roots matched my hair with the exception of a few greys and now my roots are at least 3 shades lighter than the rest of my hair.  After the stylist washed the dye out of my hair and I was sitting there with wet hair I could already see that they were a different color but he insisted that it would look better once it was dry.  As he is blow drying my hair the panic starts to set in as I can clearly see that my hair is a complete mess.  I insist that is not right and after a few minutes he agrees and says I can come back for a color correction.  WHAT? A color correction?  Like I have time for that but whatever I agree and we head to the counter to make the NEXT APPOINTMENT.  After I make the appointment he hands me a bill for $85!  WHAT????? I have to pay for this?  Not only is my hair worse than when I got there but I have to kill another day getting what he did fixed!!!!  I am furious and about to cry at the same time.  I take this ridiculous bill to the manager who informs me that I have to pay it but I can come back as many times as it takes to fix it.  BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN SIT IN A SALON.  At this point all I want to do is cry and get the hell out of there so I pay this outrageous bill and leave as fast as I can before I break down right there in Ulta.  I will have to be there again tomorrow to see if this mess can be fixed.  I will update this tomorrow evening.


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