Queen Beez Buzz: Hair Growth Vitamin for Women-With Biotin


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hair Growth Vitamin for Women-With Biotin

RAPID HAIR GROWTH + STRENGTHENING: Scientifically Formulated with 23 of the most Powerful Natural Ingredients including BIOTIN for Hair Follicle Renewal and Silica and MSM to aid in Collagen and Keratin production for Hair Strengthening and Regrowth.
HAIR LOSS PREVENTION + REPAIR: Contains the potent natural DHT blocker Saw Palmetto to stop the hormones that cause hair loss and thinning while protective Antioxidants aid in hair repair and protectionEXCLUSIVE BLEND: Featuring an exclusive 'Vitality Blend' of Herbs and Amino Acids to provide a powerful boost for faster growing hair. This unique herbal blend is combined with carefully selected Essential Nutrients to nourish the scalp and hair follicle, providing one of the best herbal dietary hair care treatments for hair health and growth.
  Natural Ingredients | Drug & Hormone Free | Vegan & Vegetarian | Made in the USA

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