Queen Beez Buzz: Baby Bath Sling


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Baby Bath Sling


The Baby Sling SLING HOLDS YOUR BABY ABOVE WATER so they do not become submerged or get water in their ears. Your infant will receive gentle support from this hammock insert at whatever depth you choose in the tub so you know they are safe. If you feel your Karibu tub is too large, this sling net will enable you to use is it as your infant grows into a toddler.
SECURE ATTACHMENT AND COMFORTABLE MATERIAL - Four point attachment ensures ultimate mesh support liner for their back and neck so they are more calm and comfortable while you wash them all around. Made from soft cotton material that conforms cozy around your baby's body.
MAKE IT EASIER TO BATHE YOUR BABY - Touch all the hard to reach areas now that you have the ability to reach under and below them with your sponge as they are in this sling. Let this sling be the extra hand you've been wanting while you wash your little one.
SAFE DESIGN AND CONTOURS matches many tubs on the market - always a compliment grabber and a great color match for your tub. Much more comfortable than a scratchy sponge pillow pad that grabs their skin.
GET MORE VALUE FROM YOUR TUB - This Sling's Strap is a replacement to fit many tubs, including Karibu, BabyTrend, Aojia, Safety 1st, Fisher Price, The First Years, Primo and many more tubs. Easy latches clip around any baby bath tub with a lip. Sling size is 26.7" x 22.8".

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