Queen Beez Buzz: Toxic Substance Control Act


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Toxic Substance Control Act

This is your chance to be heard! Join Seventh Generation's Generation Good, Queen Beez Buzz, Breast Cancer Fund, and other health and environmental advocates in reaching out to your Senators to call for meaningful changes to the updated TSCA Law.

Tell your Senator that any TSCA reform legislation must contain provisions that:
1) Protects the rights of states to regulate toxic chemicals;
2) Immediately gets the worst, most toxic chemicals off the market;
3) Prioritizes identifying and reviewing the most high-risk chemicals first.

It's unacceptable that legislation would be considered without these common sense elements. Tell your Senator that reform should only go forwards, not backwards.

Join us and our partners the Breast Cancer Fund to tell our leaders it's time for real toxic chemical reform.

Tweet & email the U.S. Senators from your state to let them know that you want meaningful change to the chemical regulation standards last set in 1976.
Step 1 -Email your Senators NOW to tell the senate we want strong TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) reform!
Step 3 - Copy and paste their handles into the Twitter Sharing tool below with your message and tweet them to show how much you care!
Sample tweet: @senatorsname I'm a mom who wants toxic chemical laws fixed! Support stronger TSCA reform, please!

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