Queen Beez Buzz: WIN!!! 18 Count Mega Chalk Marker Set


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WIN!!! 18 Count Mega Chalk Marker Set

The largest chalk marker pack on the market - DOUBLE THE SIZE - 18 vibrant colored liquid chalk markers.These markers are completely versatile. They can write on any non-porous surface... Including chalk labels, mirrors, glass and even metal. The only limit is your creativity! Please note, they are not suitable for porous surfaces. Always test/check before use.Completely dust free liquid chalk... Simply wipe with a damp cloth and watch as it disappears without the regular smudge and mess! Concentrated liquid prevents running and dripping.

The revolutionary chisel/bullet reversible tip makes it easy to do both fine and bold work! 6mm Chisel/Bullet Tip for excellent writing quality. Easily create holiday decorations, artwork on windows, birthday signs, menus, and so much more. The reversible chisel/bullet tip is also great for restaurant and bar owners - these chalk pens are great for writing on Bistro boards and menu boards!
NON-TOXIC: Water based for easy clean up - Create fantastic, eye-catching, attention grabbing displays! No more using old fashioned dusty chalk, use liquid chalk for that professional edge.

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