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Media Kit

The Queen Bee
PR Media Kit
If you would love for me to showcase your company and products on my website please contact me at promotions@queenbeezbuzz.com and I would love to add your company to my website.  I work with a great amount of Ambassadors.

Brands The Queen Bee has worked with.
Men-Woman 18-60
Parents, single parents, men, woman
Unites States

Updated Stats:
77,000 UMV
200,000 MV
500,000 Subscribers

Stats History:
Total 2010-2015 1,249,365 UMV
Total 2010-2015 2,088,046 MV

Product Reviews: Reviews are up within 14 days, unless otherwise posted.  If I am not satisfied with your products I will email beforehand. My reviews are down to the point, Images, and about the company or product will be in the review. My reviews are 300+ words, more products rather than one, will include over 600+ words.  Additional Review Information

Holiday: I offer gift guide features on a case by case basis unless you would like to sponsor an exclusive gift guide featuring only your companies products.

Giveaway: Giveaways will run for a week long, I will contact the winner, and you will get the information following. Sometimes Giveaways like bigger items will run a week before my review does. I use giveaway tools for my giveaways. I only post just giveaways with compensation or product in exchange.

Brand Ambassador:
The key element of my brand ambassador lies in my ability to use promotional strategies that will strengthen the customer-product/service relationship and influence a large audience to explore, buy, and recommend your products.  As your brand ambassador I will post on my blog, YouTube, Facebook, & Twitter.  As well as host giveaways and offer discount promotions.  If you would like additional information email me at the address above
Sponsor posts– I do these in exchange for payment. I do product mentions, giveaways, safety tips, movies, and so forth for any sponsor posts. FB or TW mentions are $25-$40, blog posts are $50-$200, Website reviews are $100-$300, anything other than this, feel free to contact me, I can also negotiate, and product in exchange.

Ad Space – I have ad space available for $50 a month, $130 3 months, yearly ones will be $500. I can also negotiate as well. I do text, image ads. If you like me to brand your button or text on the website be sure to send me a email with details. You can find the ads in the sidebar.

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