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Become a Product Tester?

Have you been wondering about all of your friends getting amazon products for FREE from Amazon and other retailers?

I started testing products and blogging to help out consumers and small business owners.  There is nothing worse than buying something online and opening the box to a huge disappointment.  And I do not charge for product testing and reviews because I am a firm believer in shopping small because without out small business we would all be at the mercy of giant retailers like Wal-Mart. 

It is extremely easy to get caught up in the free and deeply discounted products but I only accept products to test that I am interested in and enjoy because otherwise the review will not be favorable.  Make no mistake, this is a very time consuming activity.  There are many testers that do this as a full time job. 

My favorite things to review are...
  • Cosmetics & Skin care (I have a Beauty YouTube Channel & Facebook Fan Page)
  • Baby & Children's items
  • Household items
  • Organizational Products ( I am little OCD) ;)
  • Home Decor - Obviously anything Bee themed ;)
  • Home Office Supplies
  • Tools (I own a landscaping company)

If you would like to give it a try this is how.

Prime is necessary because without it you are going to have to pay shipping for each item you get for free.

2.  Contact Queen Beez Buzz  on Facebook to be added to the group where the deals are passed out.  Once you are comfortable requesting products and writing reviews an entire new world will open.
How to order and review a product...
1.  You will go to the Amazon product page given to you.
2.  Add only the item you are reviewing to the cart.
3.  Copy and paste the coupon code you will be provided exactly as you receive it (caps matter) and click Apply (If you see, You successfully redeemed your promotional code, you did it perfectly if not contact the person who gave you the code and tell them you need a new code.
4.  Click Place Order
5.  Copy your Order # and submit it to the person who gave you the code.  Most sellers and code groups require you to submit your order# so they can keep track of who ordered what.
5.  After your item arrives and you test it go back to Amazon.
6. Click on Orders and find the item you ordered.
7. Click Write Product Review
8. Write an honest review of the product, featuring on quality, features, etc. Pictures and video's are a plus but not necessary.
9.  As soon as you receive the email from Amazon telling you that your review is Live go to the link in the email that says See your review on the site.  Right click and copy the link address.
10. Go back to the person who gave you the coupon code and turn in your link.
Never ask for more items than you can handle.
The longer you do this the better the products will get.
Keep a log sheet of what the item is, when you placed the order, when the order arrived, when the review is due, and the date you turned it in. 

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Unknown said...

Thank you for all of your help.

QueenBeezBuzz said...

My pleasure. Thank you for commenting :)